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The Great Grove Bed Race


The Great Grove Bed Race, held annually in November, is a way for speed seekers to hit the streets on four wheels at full speed, only they’ll have to trade in their hot rods for a different mode of transportation – beds. Stop thinking of a bed as a sleepy place and let your inner racer take over.

Teams of five build homemade beds and push them down the streets of beautiful, historic Coconut Grove in a race to the finish line. If you think it sounds silly and a little crazy, that’s because it is. It gets even crazier; in 2011 Vanilla Ice was the Grand Marshall of the event.

Get a team together, decide on a theme and costumes and build a bed that can earn you some serious street-cred. Do it to build some team spirit, bond in a new way with your family, or just do something out of the ordinary.

Attendees are guaranteed a unique experience.