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Miami Miami's 10 Best Neighborhoods for Eating, Ranked

 By Matt Meltzer | Originally appeared in Thrillist

Sometimes in Miami, it’s just best not to ask too many questions. Like “How do you afford that new 7-series when you still live in a veritable shack?” or “Where’s all this water going to go?” But a question absolutely worth asking is “Where should we have dinner?” Our culinary options have exploded over the past decade, and neighborhoods that were once only dining destinations for feral raccoons now house some of the best restaurants in the country. Debate rages on about which Miami neighborhoods are the best, but when looking at variety, affordability, and creativity, these are our top 10.

1. SoFi

Essential restaurants: La Locanda, Big Pink, Izzy’s Fish and Oyster, Cibo Wine Bar, Lillikoi, Dirt

If you’ve been here long enough to remember, there was a time when all the cool, new stuff in South Beach landed north of Fifth St, and South of Fifth was relegated to being the set for Band of the Hand. But the tables have turned, and as NoFi fast becomes an urban wasteland, SoFi has become the best food neighborhood in the city. It’s accomplished this by keeping its great old standards like La Locanda and Big Pink, and adding some fantastic new concepts like Izzy’s Fish and Oyster and the sprawling Cibo Wine Bar. SoFi literally has something for everyone in every price range, from a European deli to slices to high-end steak at not one but THREE different restaurants. And even actually delicious healthy food at Lilikoi and Dirt. We’d say we wonder how everyone who lives here doesn’t weigh 500lbs. But this is Miami, and it’s probably best not to ask such things.

Kim Kirby

London, UK