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The 10 best vegetarian restaurants in Miami

By Virginia Gil | Originally appeared in TimeOut Miami

Skipping Miami steakhouses for occasional meals at the local salad joint is one thing, but it would take a carnivore Herculean effort to embrace vegetarian restaurants. Miami eateries have made the meat-free proposition less heroic by tapping into the local Latin you’d find at a Miami Cuban restaurant and sourcing produce from nearby farms. The result? Nourishing food that’s good for you and the beach body you’ve been sculpting at a Miami gym


Farm-to-counter doesn’t get as much play as farm-to-table, but the reality is that most of us don’t have the leisure of time at every meal. That’s where new South Beach restaurant Dirt comes in, serving healthy, locally sourced dishes all day long. Much like other fast-casual restaurants, you’ll place your breakfast, lunch or dinner order at the counter. Liquids rule the breakfast menu, from espresso-based drinks made with Dirt’s own private-label coffee and house-made nut milk to cold-pressed juice and chef-blended smoothies. Lunch and dinner feature veggie-forward offerings that pair well with a glass of sustainable wine.