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What's the story? DIRT isn't just a restaurant. We see ourselves as part of a larger global community and as a smaller local community member seeking to provide sustenance and reward for farmers and diners alike.



Our mission is simple and straightforward: To deliver innovative, delicious, healthy cuisine with excellent hospitality in a clean, uplifting environment that you can enjoy at any time of day.

We care about three things: people, food, and the planet. Our goal is to make delicious, high-quality food that is good for you and good for the planet. We believe in keeping food clean and sustainable, and making it affordable, accessible, and convenient for everyone. We are passionate about creating an environment for our customers that is warm, caring, and fun, and a workplace for our employees that inspires creativity and passion.



This is the dirt, on DIRT. This is who we are: 

We know where our food comes from, and we think you should too. We highlight local farmers and purveyors on the Locally Grown list that immediately greets you when you walk into DIRT.

Our operations are evaluated by REAL (Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership), a third-party certification program developed by the United States Healthful Food Council that uses science-based criteria to recognize our commitment to sustainable sourcing, nutrition, and transparency.

REAL uses the following criteria to determine certification:

  1.  Food provides nutritional benefit

  2.  Preparation enhances food quality and experience

  3.  Food comes from the safest and highest quality sources

  4.  A restaurant enables better choices




We are passionate believers in supporting the local food economy. We don’t just source locally because all the cool kids are doing it. We do it to support the local economy and because the ingredients are fresher and taste better, not to mention the environmental benefits of buying produce from a farmer in Homestead rather than one in Portland (not that we have anything against Portland).

We embrace the seasons, and we are excited about our menu evolving with each new harvest as we cultivate deeper relationships with our suppliers. Due to the need to keep consistency on our menu, we do source from farms and purveyors outside of Florida. However, we are committed to keeping you informed no matter where our ingredients are sourced.



Our goal is to gathermotivate, inspire, and share with our community.



Small, local farms using practices that support and sustain the earth are the kinds of businesses that we like to support and sustain.

Before partnering with any local farms, we personally meet with each farmer to ensure that their standards for food quality match ours.



Our team, our family, our partners, ourselves.


General Manager