Top 13 Predators of a Fox

Top 13 Predators of a Fox (What Eat Foxes?)

Before diving into what animals eat foxes, let’s first understand the type of animal being preyed on. What are foxes? They are animals in the family of Canidae (dog) relating

Flying Squirrels

What Do Flying Squirrels Like to Eat Most?

Flying squirrels are small squirrels that stay on trees. Although their name is flying squirrels, the squirrels do not fly, but they glide. Flying squirrels reside in grottoes, tree cavities,

What Do Turtles Eat

13 Things Turtles Like to Eat Most

You might struggle telling the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. (And we can help with that!) But even among turtles, you have over 300 species to identify. And

What Do Ducks Eat

11 Things Ducks Like to Eat Most

You’ve probably heard bread is bad for ducks. And it probably annoys you anytime someone throws this piece of wisdom at you because you’ve seen how much ducks love breadcrumbs.

What Do Squirrels Eat

14 Things Squirrels Like to Eat Most

It’s tough to hate on squirrels. Yes, cynics do call them gentrified rats. But how can you resist those cute faces and bushy tails? And they’ve effectively adapted to living